Keystone Real Estate Services

Relax. We’ll Take Care of It!

Keystone Real Estate Services offers a comprehensive range of property management services for owners and investors in the Southeastern Wisconsin and Whitewater areas ranging from refer & supervise, paperwork & tracking, and full service management. From single properties to condos and apartment complexes, our experienced real estate and property management team can help protect and maximize your investment while treating everyone with fairness and integrity.

Services Offered

Facility and Property Maintenance

Not all property owners have the same maintenance needs. That’s why we customize the facility and property maintenance agreement to suit the specific needs of each owner or investor. Choose from three primary options:

Refer and Supervise

Our management team can provide referrals for trusted, vetted service providers. Property owners or Associations can contract directly with the maintenance provider, supervise the work, and ensure it is satisfactorily completed prior to issuing payment.


Don’t get lost in paperwork! We’ll handle every aspect of maintenance paperwork, such as obtaining proper IRS form W-9 and Certificates of Insurance from each contractor, and then documenting the work in maintenance logs.

Full Service Facility and Property Maintenance

Relax, we have you covered. Let our experienced staff manage all the work orders and responsibilities for you. All budgets are worked out in advance and presented for approval so there are no surprises. We’ll even provide 24-hour Emergency response.

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